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D-TAR (de-tar): 1: n The logical union of the world's leading pickup builder and the world's foremost authority on acoustic instrument amplification. 2: n The new company whose motto is: "with respect to acoustic tone"

Guild and Martin Guitars Use D-TAR Wave-Length™ Multi-Source™—And You Should, Too!

What makes D-TAR different from other onboard systems? The D-TAR Multi-Source combines the Wave-Length piezoelectric under-saddle pickup with a miniature condenser microphone that is nestled in a special absorptive visco-elastic polymer shock mount for optimal isolation. With separate signal sources coming from two different tonal points inside the guitar, and two low-profile knobs for master volume and microphone volume to control the blend of the piezoelectric pickup and microphone, the player has more flexibility to bring out the most natural sound possible from an acoustic guitar when amplifying it. Additionally, output can be wired in mono or stereo to further expand on the tonal possibilities when using two signals. The Wave-Length piezoelectric pickup is powered by an 18-volt preamp that operates via two AA batteries. Compared to a more common 9-volt system, 18 volts allows far more headroom, resulting in increased clarity and less distortion when the strings are hit hard. And something most players will agree with is that having great tone inspires you to play better!

If one of the most prestigious guitar companies in the world chose D-TAR as the electronic system for its supreme instruments, isn’t it time that you try D-TAR, too? Test drive a D-TAR system and hear what it can do to improve the sound of your music!

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