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The Wave-Length combines a thin, piezo under-saddle transducer with an 18v, low-noise, high input impedance preamp, to create a system with twice the dynamic range of typical 9v systems. The 18v preamp is powered by two “AA” batteries. With 18 volts, your signal has more headroom, so hard strumming won’t distort as easily. The preamp has an input for a second source, like a magnetic pickup or a soundboard transducer.

Two adjustable trim pots, one low frequency shelving and one high frequency shelving, allow you to fine tune and “set and forget” the bass and treble frequencies to optimize the Wave-Length for your instrument’s size and shape; enabling you transparently amplify the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar with minimal coloration. Includes 1/4 ” jack (jack 6,35) and detailed installation instructions.

Feature Benefit
Unitary full length pickup Accommodates virtually all 6-string spacings and gets a more even response from the guitar’s top.
Thin cable design Easy to install in guitars with either 1/8” or 3/32” saddles, often with no modification to the saddle slot.
High Headroom Allows for twice the dynamic range of a 9-volt system. This means you can strum extra hard without piezo “quackiness.”
Uses two “AA” batteries “AA” batteries weigh less and result in lower user cost than 9-volts.
Dual Source Capability Allows the user to combine the Wave-Length with a magnetic pickup or soundboard transducer for greater complexity of signal.
Adjustable Bass and Treble Trim Controls Simulates the air resonance of a variety of acoustic guitar bodies for natural sound.


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